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Political Risk and Economic Analysis

We leverage our regional network of government, corporate, academic and security professionals to provide clients with detailed intelligence and on-the-ground insights into breaking news events as well as political and public policy risks and trends. We provide clients with a mix of rigorous analysis and strategically sourced intelligence from academic analysts, key industry players and government officials.

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Country risk assessment

Complementing the strength of quantitative methods with in depth qualitative analysis and strategically sourced intelligence throughout the region, we assess the political and economic context of every country in Latin America.  We help our clients identify, assess, and predict political risks through country case studies, as well as weekly or monthly updates, ranging from brief event-driven notes to broader regional and global outlooks.


Industry analysis

Based on rigorous analysis and a broad network of contacts throughout the region who help provide insights for our clients, our investment research team produces complete market assessments of particular industries. We provide our clients with information and analyses that survey the economic, political, and regulatory framework which influence the potential of each industry in the region and in other countries worldwide. We develop stakeholder mapping and roadmaps so our clients may take well-informed decisions.

Target firm research

With sound economic, legal and political analyses, as well as a large network of strategic sources across sectors throughout the region, we provide our clients with profitability assessments, analysis of management issues, as well as appraisals of specific companies and the risks associated with them, based on careful due diligence of their financial statements, market position, and legal background checks, especially important in developing countries.