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Public policy

Impacto Social Consultores is fully committed to help our public and private sector clients innovate in the development and conduction of public policies. Our team possesses significant experience and is familiar with the latest experiences and experiments around the globe. It offers novel interventions, innovative mechanisms and cutting edge technologies to overcome Latin America’s social issues.

Public Policy Design

We contribute to the design of public polices and result-driven programs. We carry out an orderly process that includes: identification of needs, establishment of baselines, selection of alternatives and definition of a logical framework with effective theories of change.

We also help the implementation of public policies by facilitating coordination and cooperation among institutions, contributing to the establishment of criteria to determine beneficiaries of universal and localized programs, as well as increasing efficiency of resource delivery mechanisms.

Program Evaluation

Governments' scarce resources coupled with infinite social needs, call for rigorous and transparent criteria to effectively allocate social resources. To reach this goal, quality information and meticulous analyses are needed to determine which measures work and which do not.

We provide clients with the leading methodological approaches to identify successful interventions through solid, innovative and effective evaluations to establish causal relationships between government or philanthropy actions and social outcomes.

Public Policy Studies and Analyses

Currently, the public sector needs extensive research and analysis of the problems that our societies are facing and the ways that these may be overcome. One of our priorities is to conduct comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research studies to contribute to scientific policy design based on evidence. We have a sound research team that provides our clients with rigorous research on social issues or regulatory frameworks that allow for a precise diagnosis for decision makers. 

Our research team produce comprehensive and multidisciplinary studies in three main areas:

  • Economic, international and political affairs
  • Social and urban policy
  • Energy and sustainability


Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), pioneered by Impacto Social Consultores, represent an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to transform public policy and revolutionize the way the private sector, the public sector and non-profit organizations interact among each other.

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