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Communication strategies and public relations

Impacto Social Consultores is a multidisciplinary team of specialists with ample experience in strategic planning for political communication, crisis prevention and management, public affairs coordination, and political analysis. We help our clients from the private and public sectors advance their agendas by navigating the vast and complex communication world in the XXI century.


Public relations and government affairs

In an increasingly competitive environment, leaders from the public and private sector must make greater efforts to effectively transmit their messages and build or maintain a respectable reputation.  We support our clients in this endeavor and help them develop and position their brands, institutions or projects.

Our company understands the difficulties involved with operating in new markets and provides guidance to those willing to construct a nexus with corporate managers, media and political and community leaders, and civil society organizations in Latin America.  Using a strong network and strategic partnerships, Social Impact Consultants, plans, coordinates and implements communication campaigns to ensure our clients reach their objectives.

Strategic planning and message design

We help our clients define what message they want to convey, how they should communicate and which media outlets will generate the greatest impact. Our team has expertise in the particularities of the different media outlets, from print media to social networks, going through traditional and digital television.

Besides offering strategic documents to structure a communication campaign, we offer a series of products that may be of great use to our clients:


-Press releases

- TV spots 

- Social network and community management


Media training for executives

We develop media training programs to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients.  Through thorough research of relevant issues, and technical expertise of media and message delivery, we assist our clients to define strategic messages and acquire the necessary techniques to effectively communicate them in interviews and events with media presence. Training may be conducted anywhere in the world, in one-on-one or in small group sessions, according to the client’s interests and preferences.



Crisis prevention and management

When an emergency occurs, there is an immediate need to communicate. We develop crisis communication plans with our clients and advice them during difficult situations, in order to adequately manage the crisis or advert it when possible. Our goal is to preserve the good image of our clients by responding promptly, accurately and confidently during and after an emergency. In order to do so, we design tailored-messages with the information specific to the needs and interests of the different audiences that must be reached in the face of a crisis.