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Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment

At Impacto Social Consultores we help our clients maximize their financial return, while creating a notable social impact through their operations. We search for mutual interests among different sectors and create areas for cooperation through innovative mechanisms optimizing value creation and reaching mutually beneficial outcomes.

Impact Investing

Our team is committed to finding creative solutions to Latin America’s most pressing problems. We firmly believe that social change, financial return and entrepreneurship are not exclusive. Thus we promote, initiatives that blend these three elements and turn our clients into agents of change. This endeavor has led us to look for innovative financial instruments that meet the needs of social entrepreneurship and offer a balance between financial return and social impact, while presenting an opportunity for diversification.

We promote instruments of impact investing to that help close the financing gap faced by social entrepreneurs. These instruments offer alternatives beyond philanthropic donations and grants that allow entrepreneurs to escalate their initiatives in a sustainable manner. Since these investment vehicles are better aligned with the time horizons and nature of these projects, they promote the creation of capacity, resilience, and profitability among them. On the other hand, these investment vehicles offer investors an excellent opportunity to diversify their portfolios, to achieve a social impact through their investments and to promote a better reputation for the sector. 


Coaching for social entrepreneurs

We offer support programs for entrepreneurs in order to boost these initiatives, to ensure they are on the right track, and to help entrepreneurs maximize the reach and impact of their projects. Our programs are designed to help our clients transform their projects into sustainable social entrepreneurship projects. To do so, we offer support in strategic planning , marketing and communication, financial statement management, budget management, among others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work with our clients to develop corporate social responsibility strategies that are well aligned with their institutional values and that go beyond traditional philanthropy. We involve every key stakeholder (clients, shareholders, employees, communities in which they operate, suppliers, distributors, among others) in order to maximize the social impact of their programs and ensure in lasts over the long term.