We leverage our regional network of government, corporate and academic professionals to provide clients with detailed intelligence and on-the-ground insights into political and economic risks and trends.

Impacto Social Consultores provides effective solutions to leaders of the public and private sector so that they may maximize the impact of public policies in Latin America. Through effective interventions and innovative financing schemes we bring in new actors to the solution of public issues, while offering new business opportunities for the private sector.

Our team members hold graduate degrees from the best universities across the world and ample professional experience in the public and private sector in different countries of the region. Their expertise allows them to provide high-quality services in three strategic areas:

Research and public policy >

Communications and media > 

Social Entrepreneurship and Impact investment >

Each area develops products to effectively satisfy our clients’ specific needs in the best way possible.

Our team has worked in public policy and political communication projects with governments of different countries, NGOs and the private sector. Some of the institutions we have collaborated with include:

- Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Washington, D.C., Estados Unidos)

- UNICEF (Nueva York, Estados Unidos)

- United Nations Association of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)

- Institute for Liberty and Democracy (México D.F.)

- J-Poverty Action Lab (Centroamérica)

- Programa Mundial de Alimentos (Kathmandú, Nepal)

- Presidencia de la República (México D.F.)

- Secretaría de Turismo (México D.F.)

- Secretaría de Economía (México D.F.)

- Secretaría de Desarrollo Territorial y Urbano (México D.F.)

- Servicio de Administración Tributaria (México D.F.)

- The Bassiouni Group (Nueva York, Estados Unidos)

- Grupo Modelo (México D.F.)

- Fluor (Nueva Orleans, Estados Unidos y México D.F.)

- Massa y Asociados Consultores (México D.F.)